Development of cast aluminum condensing boiler
Column:Entreprise's News Time:2015-07-20
In order to catch up with the sales season this year, the company requested that the three commercial condensing boilers be completed by the end of August and brought to the market in early September.


According to the national climate of energy conservation and emission reduction, the company has developed a new product plan for 2015. One of the most important ones is: developer and household condensing cast aluminum boilers. Through the market sales research, it is particularly urgent to develop high-power commercial condensing boilers. Therefore, the company has issued the task of developing three commercial condensing cast aluminum boilers of 1000kw, 700KW and 280KW to the product engineering department.

In order to catch up with the sales season this year, the company requested that the three commercial condensing boilers be completed by the end of August and brought to the market in early September. In the face of the time-critical task of the new product development task assigned by the company, the Product Engineering Department is faced with multiple difficulties and high technical content of research and development, and actively takes action to develop R&D steps and timetables.

In order to better understand and master the principle and technology of cast aluminum condensing boiler, we invited the technical manager of Bekaert Company of Belgium to provide technical training to the technical staff of the company's product engineering department and boiler commissioning personnel, and in their guidance. Next, the bare metal of the three boilers were assembled and practiced, and the assembly technology of the cast aluminum condensing boiler was preliminarily mastered.

In order to better understand the debugging technology of the condensing boiler, the company decided to install the 280KW condensing boiler in our existing boiler room with the approval of the company. The purpose is three: one is as a learning machine, the trainer, and the other is to replace the original one. The United States LGB 350KW atmospheric direct-fired boiler, the third is to serve as a model for customers to visit, making it more intuitive and credible, touch the heart. For this purpose, the Product Engineering Department has made the most optimized system design plan based on the original heating and bathing cycle system of the boiler room, with the principle of spending less or not spending money. The installation materials and accessories such as steel pipes, valves and meters are provided in place. After the company's equipment maintenance class is not afraid of hot, tight and orderly installation and construction, the circulation system piping and PVC exhaust pipe are installed in just three days; Actively coordinate the Hong Kong and China Gas Company to renovate the gas path of the boiler room, and ventilate the condensing boiler on time, and has the debugging conditions for the condensing boiler.

July 1 is a day worth celebrating and commemorating! At 9:00 am on July 1st, our after-sales service personnel and technicians worked with Bekaert technicians to commission the 280KW condensing cast aluminum boiler. The result was a successful ignition. After one day of joint adjustment test, the boiler was set. After the continuous operation of the condensing boiler on July 2nd and 3rd, the working condition of the condensing boiler is stable and the working parameters are normal. It can be inferred that the new boiler can completely replace the original LGB 350KW atmospheric direct-fired boiler. It fully meets the bathing needs of all employees and the heating needs of the office building, and saves more than 30% of gas compared to the original boiler.

      At the same time, the appearance design of the condensing boiler, the formulation of the product brand, and the preparation of the sample materials are all in full swing to ensure the realization of the company's new product listing plan, and make greater contributions to the national energy conservation and emission reduction blue sky project. The reputation of the company's products, set a new benchmark for energy-saving products, and make due contributions to greatly improve the company's economic efficiency!