Announcement of Environmental Protection Acceptance Survey for Rongjun·International Community (Court Residential Building)
Column:Company Announcement Time:2018-01-08
Announcement of Environmental Protection Acceptance Survey for Rongjun·International Community (Court Residential Building)

I. Basic construction of the project

Rongjun·International Community (Court Residential Building) is located in the west of Dongyue Street in Tai'an City. The project covers an area of 146,492 square meters and the total construction area is 230,101 square meters. The content of this acceptance is Rongjun·International Residential Community Project (court residence) The building has a total area of 3,1761.8 square meters and a total construction area of 47,987 square meters. This project will construct 11 residential buildings and supporting facilities. 35# is a 5-storey residential building, 36#, 42#, 43#, 45#, 46#, 50#, 51# is a 6-story residential building, 52#, 53 #,55# is a 3-storey residential building with a total of 298 residential units. The green area is 19,368.50 square meters, and the greening rate is 38%. The septic tanks, water supply and drainage systems and other supporting facilities are built.

The total investment of this project is 48.04 million yuan, of which the total investment in environmental protection is 5.24 million yuan.

Second, the project acceptance content

The environmental protection acceptance of the completion of the project mainly includes the main project of the project, auxiliary engineering (door guard room, water supply project, drainage engineering, power supply system, etc.), environmental protection project (septic tank, garbage collection facility, sound insulation wall, etc.).

Third, the project construction process

The project started construction in August 2008 and was completed in December 2010. In June 2008, the Shandong Provincial Coalfield Address Planning and Investigation Institute was commissioned to prepare the environmental impact assessment report of the project. The Tai'an Environmental Protection Bureau issued the report on July 11, 2008 in Taihuan [2008] No. 180. The reply. The project was approved in the notice form.

Fourth, the project acceptance process

Shandong Xinsheng Group Co., Ltd. entrusted the environmental testing center of Tai'an Environmental Protection Science Research Institute to undertake the environmental protection acceptance test (investigation) for the completion of the project. According to the State Council of the People's Republic of China [2017] No. 682, the State Council on the revision of the construction project environment The requirements of the “Regulations on Protection Management Regulations” and the “Interim Measures for the Environmental Protection Acceptance of Construction Project Completion” (National Environmental Regulation Environmental Impact Assessment [2017] No. 4) and the relevant information provided by the construction unit are on site survey On the basis of the preparation of the acceptance monitoring (survey) program. The Environmental Monitoring Center of Tai'an Environmental Protection Science Research Institute conducted on-site monitoring and environmental management investigation on wastewater and noise in the project area on October 23 and 24, 2017. It is recommended that the project be completed and accepted.