Shandong sunshine Group Co., Ltd. Rongjun•International Residential Community Project (Court Residential Building) Completion Environmental Protection Acceptance Opinion
Column:Company Announcement Time:2018-01-08
Shandong sunshine Group Co., Ltd. Rongjun•International Residential Community Project (Court Residential Building) Completion Environmental Protection Acceptance Opinion

According to the "Regulations on Environmental Protection Management of Construction Projects" and the "Interim Measures for Environmental Protection Acceptance of Construction Projects Completion", on December 29, 2017, Shandong sunshine Group Co., Ltd. organized the construction of Rongjun•International Residential Community in Tai'an City (court Residential building) completed environmental protection acceptance meeting. The acceptance work group consists of the construction unit-Shandong sunshine Group Co., Ltd., the acceptance report preparation unit-Tai'an Environmental Protection Research Institute Environmental Monitoring Center, and the environmental assessment unit-Shandong Coalfield Geological Planning and Investigation Institute (the environmental assessment qualification has been changed to Shandong Zhengdao resources). Environmental Development Co., Ltd., design unit - Shandong Architectural Design and Research Institute, construction unit - Shandong Taian Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd. and 2 invited experts (list attached). The meeting invited the Tai'an Environmental Protection Bureau to participate in the guidance. The acceptance team listened to the report on the environmental protection implementation of the project and the monitoring of the environmental protection acceptance of the completion of the project, checked the site and verified the relevant information. After careful discussion, the acceptance opinions were as follows:
First, the basic situation of engineering construction
1. Project Overview
Rongjun•International Residential Community Project covers an area of 146,492 square meters, with a total construction area of 230,101 square meters. It will be built in phases and will be inspected and inspected. The content of this acceptance is Rongjun • International residential community project (court residential building) with a total area of 3,1761.8 square meters and a total construction area of 47,987 square meters.
In this project, 11 residential buildings and supporting facilities will be built. 35# is a 5-storey residential building, 36#, 42#, 43#, 45#, 46#, 50#, 51# is a 6-story residential building, 52#, 53 #, 55# is a 3-story residential building. The total number of residential units is 298. The green area is 19,368.50 square meters and the greening rate is 38%. Construction of septic tanks, water supply and drainage systems and other ancillary facilities. In June 2008, the construction unit entrusted the Shandong Provincial Coalfield Geological Planning Investigation and Research Institute to prepare the environmental impact assessment report of the project. The Tai'an Environmental Protection Bureau issued the report on July 11, 2008 in Taihuan [2008] No. 180. The book was approved. The project started construction in August 2008 and was completed in December 2010. The total investment of this project is 48.04 million yuan, of which the total investment in environmental protection is 5.24 million yuan. During the acceptance monitoring period, the occupancy rate was 50%. There were no major changes to the EIA document during the period.
Second, the implementation of environmental protection
During the construction period, the construction site shall be fenced, and the exposed ground and temporary roads shall be sprinkled regularly to cover the transportation vehicles to prevent dust; the construction time shall be reasonably arranged, and low-noise equipment shall be selected to avoid construction noise disturbing the people. The resulting construction waste can be cleared and transported in time without being stored at the site.
The domestic sewage of residents will be collected through the sewage pipeline in the project area, and will be discharged into the sewage pipe network of Dongyue Street and discharged to the second sewage treatment plant of Tai'an City for treatment. Take effective noise reduction measures such as vibration reduction and sound insulation for public construction facilities such as power distribution and distribution. The residential building is fitted with double-layer hollow soundproof glass windows. Two garbage bins are set in the middle of each building in the project area, and one garbage collection point is set on the north side of 36 #楼. Domestic garbage is cleared by the sanitation department, and Nissan is cleared.
Third, the acceptance monitoring results
The Monitoring Report on the Environmental Protection Acceptance of Completion of Shandong Xinsheng Group Co., Ltd. Rongjun•International Residential Community Project (Court Residential Building) prepared by the Environmental Monitoring Center of Tai'an Environmental Protection Science Research Institute indicates:
1. Waste water
The pH value of the sewage outlet of the residential building of the court ranged from 7.47 to 7.51. The maximum daily average concentrations of COD, BOD 5, ammonia nitrogen, SS, and animal and vegetable oil were 174 mg/L, 31.9 mg/L, 29.2 mg/L, and 114 mg/L, respectively. 1.25mg/L, the concentration of each pollutant meets the third-level standard in the Integrated Wastewater Discharge Standard (GB8978-1996), and meets the “Sewage Discharge into Urban Sewer Water Quality Standard” (GB/T31962-2015) Table 1 Grade A standard and water quality requirements for the second sewage treatment plant of Tai'an City.
2, noise
There are 4 measuring points in the southeast and northwest of the project, and each time the test is performed at night, the noise range of the daytime is 42.5~43.8dB(A), and the noise value of each monitoring point at night is 39.4~40.7dB(A), which are in line with Industrial Enterprise Boundary Environmental Noise Emission Standard (GB12348-2008) Class 1 Standard Requirements.
3. Solid waste
Domestic garbage is cleared by the sanitation department.
4. Public opinion survey
All respondents expressed satisfaction with the environmental protection work of the project.
Fourth, acceptance conclusion
The environmental protection procedures of this project are complete. During the implementation process, environmental protection facilities can be built in accordance with the EIA documents and approval requirements, and corresponding pollution prevention measures are adopted. The pollutants can be discharged to meet the standards, and meet the environmental protection acceptance conditions for completion of construction projects.
Sixth, follow-up requirements
1. Modify the relevant content of the acceptance monitoring (investigation) report according to the opinions of the acceptance group;
2. During the sales period of the building, the company must publicize the EIA documents and the completion environmental protection acceptance information to the public;
3. Within 5 days of acceptance, according to the Provisional Measures for Environmental Protection Acceptance of Construction Project Completion, submit the project completion acceptance materials to the environmental protection department and improve the follow-up work;
4. Standard texts, charts, attachments, etc.